Sephora takeover with Life of Hair
Sephora @Mayfair takeover with Life of Hair If you check out my youtube channel, my latest video shows how I recently spent 6 hours of my day. I did a Sephora takeover and styled various customers hair. Sephora doesn’t have a hairstylist on staff full-time so it was a really fun opportunity to come in […]
How much do hair extensions really cost
The cost of hair extensions Looking into getting hair extensions? Wondering if you can afford it, furthermore- how long exactly will it take? Great Lengths extensions are the type I exclusively install. I am professional trained by Great Lengths to install and remove their extensions. Cost for these extensions can rely on a few factors. […]
Most natural looking hair extensions
Most natural looking hair extensions Guess what, Great Lengths sources only 100% real human hair. Real human hair isn’t the only thing that will make your hair extensions look natural and real. Installation, care and styling can also tribute to how real and authentic your extensions will look. Great Lengths gives back to the communities […]
How hair extensions are removed
How hair extensions are removed There is a special process to remove specifically Great Lengths hair extensions. Its safe, non-damaging, and really doesn’t take too long at all! Can the strands be removed and can I remove them myself? If you live in Victoria BC, trust me, removing them yourself is the last thing you […]
The best hair extensions in Victoria for fine hair
Hair extensions in Victoria for fine hair More than just an opinion, actual facts by Sofia Pastro | Life of Hair First of all Great Lengths hair extensions are the upgrade you might have always been looking for. If you were born with fine, flat and relatively low volume hair I’m about to tell you […]
Spring Newsletter Feature with Great Lengths Canada
Spring Newsletter Feature with Great Lengths Canada I had the pleasure of completing an interview with Great Lengths for their Spring 2017 newsletter, check it out! 🙂 Sofia  has been in the beauty industry for eight years. She currently rents a chair at DM and Company Salon in downtown Victoria, while running her blog and […]
How to sleep with hair extensions
How do you sleep with hair extensions? If you have been wondering about getting hair extensions, have hair extensions, or generally just want to expand your knowledge – You should follow these essential tips before you sleep with hair extensions. How To Wear Your Hair Extensions At Night If you have Great Lengths Hair extensions they will […]
How to Wash your Hair Extensions
How to Wash your Hair Extensions First of all there are a few things to consider if you have just recently had hair extensions installed. Im going to run you through a few steps that will help you care for your extensions, or inform you better if you are considering purchasing Great Lengths extensions! 1.) […]
The source of Great Lengths extensions
 Where do Great Lengths extensions’ hair come from? Where does Great Lengths extensions hair come from? If you are considering hair extensions or are even just wanting to educate yourself on the industry you can be rest assured their process and ethicality will be delightful to read about. With a very strict policy on the origin of their […]
The best hair extensions in Victoria
Hair extensions Victoria – from a certified extension specialist Hair extensions Victoria! If that is what you are looking for, then look no more. Hello, my name is Sofia Pastro, owner and operator of Life of Hair. I have worked extensively with what I believe to be the best hair extensions on the market today. I […]
Pros and Cons to Keratin hair extensions
Great Lengths keratin bonds hair extensions Pros & Cons Regarding keratin bonds hair extensions I am doing a segment of blog posts and youtube videos on Great Lengths Canada. Aimed at informing people on their qualities, features and really to educate and inform someone that might be thinking about hair extensions. I aim to answer […]
How long do extensions last?
How long do hair extensions last? If we are going to dive into this topic then first we need to make sure we are specific about what kind of extensions you are looking for. There are multiple kinds of hair extensions so lets talk about keratin and fusion bond extensions from Great Lengths Canada. Great […]
Hair diffuser tutorial
How to properly diffuse your hair If you are wanting to obtain the perfect curls for the holidays it isn’t just as simple as wash, dry and go! That being said there are a few things I go over in my video that can change the outcome of diffusing your hair dramatically. I decided to […]
Holiday hairstyles for shaved sides!
3 Holiday hairstyles for shaved sides!   Shaved sides in 2016 Shaved sides have been a huge hit in 2016. So many girls deciding to take the leap and shave their sides. Needless to say it looks amazing!!! It doesn’t limit you nearly as much as some people might think when you are styling your […]
My husband lied in my video
My husband lied about my videos! I was in the process of making a video for my weekly channel when my husband agreed to do the voice over. Not a word he says is true. Here is the video:
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