How to sleep with hair extensions

How do you sleep with hair extensions?

Women sleeping on her stomach with hair extensions on white pillow
A couple quick tips and you’ll wake up with better hair then when you went to sleep… Ok, maybe not that great, but be sure to follow these tips if you plan to sleep with hair extensions! 🙂

If you have been wondering about getting hair extensions, have hair extensions, or generally just want to expand your knowledge – You should follow these essential tips before you sleep with hair extensions.

How To Wear Your Hair Extensions At Night

Girl preparing for sleeping with hair extensions by using a wide toothed comb
Brushing your hair 2-3 times a day is the first step. Brushing before bed is the final and most important! Whether you use a braid, bun or pony tail to sleep with always brush first!

If you have Great Lengths Hair extensions they will remain bonded for 3-5 months. An effective routine before you sleep will help increase the health and longevity of your extensions. Make sure you start with brushing your hair right before bed. You should be already brushing your Great Lengths Hair extensions 2-3 times per day throughout the day to ensure tangles and knots remain at a minimum.

Once you fall asleep its pretty hard to control if you will roll over, move, or even get a face full of drool from your partner. There’s a few ways you can secure your extensions in a way that will minimize tangling and tears without taking too much time. A loose bun is one of my favourite ways if your hair extensions aren’t too long, and if you have longer extensions a braid does the trick really well. Don’t forget to brush all of the tangles out before you put them in a bun!

How To Wear Long Hair Extensions At Night

a girl with hair laid out to sleep with hair extensions.
If humans slept in a comatose state and never moved… This would be ideal. However, we don’t, don’t try this method.

If you have very long hair extensions like Rapunzel, the best method to keeping them safe is to put them in a braid. My first recommendation would be to secure them in a side braid. This is also a lot more comfortable to sleep on if you are a back-sleeper and its also super easy to take apart in the morning! If you have furry friends that like to join you for your morning routine of waking up a braid is also probably the safest for the ordeal! You won’t have to worry as much about ripping your extensions out in a braid either, the strength of the braid will hold everything in place nicely.

Ok the side braid is also a favourite of mine, not just to keep your extensions safe, but for those early mornings in the kitchen or early morning errands before getting ready. A side braid is a easy style to pair with some comfy clothes and you won’t catch yourself holding your hair back as much when you’re leaning over the stove making breakfast.

girl with a messy side braid after a sleep with hair extensions
A perfect morning lazy look for those Starbucks runs or cooking breakfast!

If short hair extensions are your current style a long, loose, easy braid isn’t always easy. If short hair extensions are what you currently have I would suggest a side pony tail or a loose bun. A pony tail actually will benefit you greatly by reducing the tangles you might have otherwise woken up with. A pony tail thats not too tight will also increase the strength of your hair while sleeping. If your hair isn’t too thick you can also fold your ponytail under itself. Folding your pony tail will help with reducing tangles in the morning.

NEVER Sleep With Hair Extensions Wet

One of the most important rules before you sleep with hair extensions is; never sleep with your hair wet. Damp or wet hair before bed is a nightmare and can cause severe tangles, knots, and the worst: matting. If your extensions and hair are not 100% dry then ensure that you are blow drying them before bed. Follow up your blow drying by a very thorough brushing. Brushing your hair extensions and ensuring they are completely dry is the most important thing you can do before bed.

I hope you guys got a little bit of inspiration from this article and your extensions live long and prosper. You can check out the youtube video I did on this segment below!

Xo- Have a great hair day!

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