The best hair extensions in Victoria for fine hair

Hair extensions in Victoria for fine hair

More than just an opinion, actual facts by Sofia Pastro | Life of Hair

First of all Great Lengths hair extensions are the upgrade you might have always been looking for. If you were born with fine, flat and relatively low volume hair I’m about to tell you why Great Lengths is the best- and not just why I think so, an in depth look at what makes Great Lengths great!

Why Great Lengths are the best extensions for fine hair

great lengths before and after photo with fine hair
Amanda had extremely fine hair to begin with, and thanks to Great Lengths hair extensions she now has a gorgeous new look!

The extensions I have been certified to provide and install are not an obligation. I believe they are the best extensions for multiple hair types, including fine hair. The extensions are formulated from beautiful real human hair. The first thing that I believe make Great Lengths superior is their Keratin bond formula. The strands are fused with actual individual strands of  your hair and leave a much more detailed and fine application than many other brands I have seen. The application process does take longer due to all the small sections and individual strands  to apply. With patience, I am able to achieve a much more natural looking full head of hair than any other brand in my opinion. If you have medium to fine hair you can rest assured this lady here is an example of actual Great Lengths extensions on fine hair!

It’s a lengthy process

back view of great lengths extensions on fine hair
Great Lengths take time to install, but they leave you with 100% natural looking beautiful, long hair!


No pun intended- although your hair will gain your sought after gorgeous length & fullness, It does take time. The entire process does depend on how many rows you get installed, and the carefulness of your stylist. Some people get as few as 2 and some people many more that takes up to 8 hours. One thing I can assure you, if you have fine hair spending a day in the chair with me will leave you feeling like a completely new person when you leave.

More than just extensions

If you are considering hair extensions and you have fine hair I would love to meet with you and chat about your desires. The extensions I professionally install will make more of a difference than just your hair, that I can promise you! Selfie count will go up, your friends and family will notice the difference, your outfits and appearance will get a change, and most of all you will have a gorgeous head of long, full bodied hair.

Can you see the bonds?

Smiling girl with hair extensions
Absolutely invisible bonds with Great Lengths extensions.

This is on of the most common questions I get with almost every single client asking to get hair extensions. Don’t worry, it is perfectly normal to ask this. Everyone wants to know the nitty gritty when it comes to applying hair extensions. The process in which I apply hair extensions will leave you with hair that looks 100% natural, not 98% or 99%. You will be able to part your hair on the top of your head, pull your hair back and off of your face, put it in a pony tail or up do and also not to see the extensions. The extensions will be invisible and transform your look. I am Certified by Great Lengths and specialize in extensions in Victoria BC. I would love to meet with you and discuss your hair needs.

The short Youtube video on my channel expresses my thoughts on hair extensions for fine hair.

If you are considering getting hair extensions or any service by me feel free to reach out! You can book a consultation with me online, call me, or even send me an email. You can get in touch with me via the online booking form or the contact page on my website.


Have a great hair day! xoxo

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