The source of Great Lengths extensions

 Where do Great Lengths extensions’ hair come from?

Girls hair being cut during Tirumala for Great Lengths extensions
Pictured above is a girls hair being cut at “Tirumala” in India. Great Lengths ensures that the hair being used for extensions is traceable and always ethical.

Where does Great Lengths extensions hair come from? If you are considering hair extensions or are even just wanting to educate yourself on the industry you can be rest assured their process and ethicality will be delightful to read about. With a very strict policy on the origin of their extensions, Great Lengths ensures the highest quality and traceability. They are unique within the extension industry providing 100% real human hair that is guaranteed to originate from ethical and traceable origins directly sourced by themselves.


Tonsuring and the religious process of cutting hair


Imagine if your hair came all the way from India. What if it not only came from India but came from a religious process that ensures the traceability, and verified its quality to be superior to any other supplier. Great Lengths extensions hair comes from the Hindu Temple, Tirumala. Tonsuring is the process in which Men, Women, and children make a trek to the temple to have their heads shaved. This act is 100% voluntary and in no way encouraged for financial gain. It is actually a celebration of joy and is often commenced after major positive life events. Think of tonsuring as a party… Only everyone shaves their heads.

Although the hair donors to not receive money directly for their hair, Great Lengths employs a full time team in India to pay it forward. All of the proceeds associated with purchasing the hair is invested back in the local community in which the hair was sourced from. Can you think of anything cooler? You are literally doing charity work in another country when you buy Great Lengths extensions! Hospitals, aid, emergency response and infrastructure are just some of the ways Great Lengths gives back to the community.

Why all the way from India?

crowded people on train in india
Great Lengths invests back into the communities in India. Not just aid with the bare essentials but also invests in infrastructure that the country needs for vital, everyday operations.

Although it is a pretty cool story to tell someone your hair extensions are also helping fundemental needs in another country, why India? Depending on the ethnicity of the hair, there are major genetic differences that need to be considered. Indian hair is considered to be ideal by Great Lengths for our north american needs. Science says: cuticle direction is extremely important and if all the layers are aligned from root to tips your hair is less likely to tangle. When you are blending in extensions with your own hair you want a even, un-noticable blend. This fine attention to detail at the microscopic level ensures that your extensions will blend in perfectly and behave in unison.


Why not European hair? Their models always have amazing hair!

German model showing hair that wouldn't work for great lengths extensions
We all known Heidi Klum has amazing hair, but if you tried to steal it and mix it with yours, it probably wouldnt turn out ideal.


European hair is actually not as easy to find as you would think. If you do find Euro hair extensions you won’t find nearly as much available as Indian hair. It is very fine, thin, and suseptable to damage from treatments. European hair can be damaged very quickly from chemical treatments due to their genetic shape and make-up. If you found a gorgeous German model willing to cut off all of her hair for your extensions… Well, good luck!


So why not Chinese Hair for Great Lengths extensions?

Chinese model showing off her long dark hair.
Although Chinese hair is gorgeous the genetic make-up of it is noticeably different. Mixing Chinese hair with your hair will result in a texture noticeably too diverse.

Chinese hair is actually very diverse in its structure and texture. It is not equally as consistent as the hair harvested from Tirumala and the Indian people. Unlike Indian hair, Chinese hair has a more sporadic construction of the cuticle and cortex. Asian hair, although sporadic, often has a rounded cross-section rather than the much sought after oval shape of caucasian hair. The round cross-section of the cuticle and cortex is too rough and too coarse to be used for great lengths extensions.


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