Holiday hairstyles for shaved sides!

3 Holiday hairstyles for shaved sides!


Shaved sides in 2016

blonde haired girl with shaved sized

Shaved sides have been a huge hit in 2016. So many girls deciding to take the leap and shave their sides. Needless to say it looks amazing!!! It doesn’t limit you nearly as much as some people might think when you are styling your hair either.  Once upon a time blonde and black short hairstyles with shaved sides where characteristics of rebellion. So many pop icons used it as a way to express their unique lifestyle. Fashion tendencies change, and so have the hairstyle trends. Haircuts with shaved sides have been growing in popularity over the last several years. in 2016 we have seen a huge shift. Nowadays less people criticize extravagant looks and the majority admires beautiful hairstyles


Personal experience

victory rolls in sofia's hair

As many of you know and can see I have my sides shaved for quite some time! Earlier in November I did a Victoria Roll tutorial and as pictured above.. you guessed it, my sides were shaved as well! A big part of my inspiration with hair styling is showing people whats possible with their current hair. If you become a little bored or run out of ideas be sure to take a look through my channel! If you have a Christmas party coming up or formal get together and you are not sure how to wear your hair I made a video to show you 3 super easy, super fast hair styles.

Check it out and like always! please let me know what you think!


Have a happy hair day! xoxo



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