Sephora takeover with Life of Hair

Sephora takeover with Life of Hair

Sephora @Mayfair takeover with Life of Hair

If you check out my youtube channel, my latest video shows how I recently spent 6 hours of my day. I did a Sephora takeover and styled various customers hair. Sephora doesn’t have a hairstylist on staff full-time so it was a really fun opportunity to come in and meet prospective clients, style guests hair and just spend some quality time meeting new people!

If any of you saw me there you might have been wondering what I was doing. Well in fact I was showcasing Bumble & Bumble’s product line and styling hair for free for the day! Sephora does carry the Bumble & Bumble product line at Mayfair mall, so it was a great opportunity to talk to customers about its benefits. I spent a 6 hour shift there and filmed the whole thing in a time lapse for you to watch the fun!

There wasn’t any appointments set during the day, it was set up on a come first serve basis. Most of the time girls who were shopping and browsing in the store bumped into me and then I styled their hair for the day. I am going to be doing the 1-day event again soon, so If you’d like to come in and see me at Sephora make sure you stay in touch so I can let you know when I’ll be there again!

Spending time at public events and working along side another business in a similar industry is something I greatly enjoy because it allows me to spend time close to people who might be looking for my services in the future. It won’t be a once a month type thing, but I will definitlyey be back.

I am forever thankful to be a representative of Bumble & Bumble. Their product line is something I truly believe in and have been backing it for quite a while now. I will actually be travelling to New York City in October to go over some more product knowledge and training with their company staff.

Have a great hair day! xoxo


How much do hair extensions really cost

How much do hair extensions really cost

The cost of hair extensions

Looking into getting hair extensions? Wondering if you can afford it, furthermore- how long exactly will it take? Great Lengths extensions are the type I exclusively install. I am professional trained by Great Lengths to install and remove their extensions. Cost for these extensions can rely on a few factors. Extensions start at a couple hundred dollars up to a couple thousand dollars. If you are interested in talking more after these few quick points, get in touch with me! Furthermore I would love to meet with you for a free consultation. You can book online or call me directly.


1. How many strands & length

picture of girl getting her hair done
As you can see Great Lengths extensions are individual strands. How many of these individual strands you want will determine the cost.

Great Lengths extensions cost can also be very dependant on how many strands you have installed. Great lengths extensions come in individual strands which are also assembled in rows to make for easier installation. Price can also vary depending on the length of extensions required. Because it is 100% real human hair the longer bundles do cost more.


2. How many bundles

Sofias model wearing runway red hair sprayed
Just how much hair you want is the question.

Seeing as your new Extensions come in rows of individual strands how many of these rows will also help determine price. Some people can have as few as 1 or 2 and some people many rows, technically there’s no predetermined number. The more bundles you buy consequently will also increase the time it takes to install them. I love chatting about your thoughts and inspiration, lets plan something together!

3. How much style

hair extension victoria model wearing white dress and great lengths hair on parliament steps
A quick blow-dry or full wedding day styling, I do it all! 🙂


Because Great Lengths hair is 100% natural real human hair you can also colour and dye them. You will also want to factor this into the cost when your thinking about how much they will cost! Cost will also depend on if you’re also thinking of style for your hair after your extensions.


Check out the youtube video I posted about the cost of Great Lengths Hair extensions. It runs over all the points super quick, and you can also see me wearing the extensions in the video!

Have a great hair day! xoxo

Most natural looking hair extensions

Most natural looking hair extensions

Most natural looking hair extensions

Guess what, Great Lengths sources only 100% real human hair. Real human hair isn’t the only thing that will make your hair extensions look natural and real. Installation, care and styling can also tribute to how real and authentic your extensions will look. Great Lengths gives back to the communities with infrastructure and development.

Installation by a certified Great Lengths Stylist

It is possible to get Great Lengths extensions and have them installed by someone who is not trained to do so. Extensions are a very delicate process. Have them installed by a trained professional to ensure they stay invisible, and keep your hair looking natural. Poor installation can damage your hair as well as shorten their life span.

Keeping it real

Here’s a few things you can do to keep your Great Lengths extensions looking natural and 100% real.

  1. Proper maintenance and care.
  2. Regular checkups with a Great Lengths Certified stylist.
  3. Finally, my articles regarding sleeping tips, styling tips and the removal process.

Styling and wearing your new extensions

You should be able to look forward to wearing Great Lengths extensions and furthermore not even know they are there. They should look and appear to everyone as 100% real hair. The extensions are 100% human hair and as a result, will feel the natural even to the touch! You should be able to wear your hair parted on the top, or have the sides pulled back for an up-do and consequently not see your extensions at all. Have your extensions installed by a professional, it is especially relevant to ensure you don’t run into any issues down the road.

I also posted a youtube video on this subject be sure to give it a quick watch! 🙂

Have a great hair day! xoxo

How hair extensions are removed

How hair extensions are removed

How hair extensions are removed

There is a special process to remove specifically Great Lengths hair extensions. Its safe, non-damaging, and really doesn’t take too long at all!

Can the strands be removed and can I remove them myself?

If you live in Victoria BC, trust me, removing them yourself is the last thing you want to do. If you have Great Lengths extensions and you want to have them removed book an appointment with me on my website. I am trained by Great Lengths to remove your hair extensions in a way that will ensure no damage to your real hair.

How exactly are they removed according to the Great Lengths way of life?

Removing Great Lengths strands is actually quite easy.
Step 1: I apply a gel formulated to break down the compound that bonds the strands to your natural hair. The gel is 100% safe and won’t damage your natural hair either. After I apply it directly to the area your extensions are bonded we sit and chat for a few minutes will it settles in.
Step 2:  I go in with the special Great Lengths removal pliers. They are smooth and dull to ensure your natural hair isn’t cut or broken. Once the gel has broken down the bonds the special pliers are used to squash the bonded areas. Although not requiring substantial pressure the pliers are used to apply some easy pressure that ensures the gel really penetrates and separates the strands.
Step 3: I slide them off right at the base with little to no effort at all.

Are there any complications that could arise with removing Great Lengths extensions?

Taking care of your extensions is the most important thing you can do for them. Matting can cause a hassle if your extension maintenance isn’t up to par. Ensure you are always taking care of your extensions with all of the tips I give you and removal will be as fast and seamless as possible. If you are having them removed at another salon ensure that they are using the Great Lengths Removal gel.

A couple things you should always remember

1: Do a regular check up with your Great Lengths certified stylist.

2: Take care of your extensions like your most prized possession. Great care and regular brushing will not only ensure they last long, but also makes removal seamless.

3: Never attempt to remove your Great Lengths Extensions yourself. Call or book an appointment online with me and I will be happy to remove them with the proper technique and special gel that I am professionally trained to use.

Heres the video I also uploaded above the removal process!

Have a great hair day- xoxo

The best hair extensions in Victoria for fine hair

The best hair extensions in Victoria for fine hair

Hair extensions in Victoria for fine hair

More than just an opinion, actual facts by Sofia Pastro | Life of Hair

First of all Great Lengths hair extensions are the upgrade you might have always been looking for. If you were born with fine, flat and relatively low volume hair I’m about to tell you why Great Lengths is the best- and not just why I think so, an in depth look at what makes Great Lengths great!

Why Great Lengths are the best extensions for fine hair

great lengths before and after photo with fine hair
Amanda had extremely fine hair to begin with, and thanks to Great Lengths hair extensions she now has a gorgeous new look!

The extensions I have been certified to provide and install are not an obligation. I believe they are the best extensions for multiple hair types, including fine hair. The extensions are formulated from beautiful real human hair. The first thing that I believe make Great Lengths superior is their Keratin bond formula. The strands are fused with actual individual strands of  your hair and leave a much more detailed and fine application than many other brands I have seen. The application process does take longer due to all the small sections and individual strands  to apply. With patience, I am able to achieve a much more natural looking full head of hair than any other brand in my opinion. If you have medium to fine hair you can rest assured this lady here is an example of actual Great Lengths extensions on fine hair!

It’s a lengthy process

back view of great lengths extensions on fine hair
Great Lengths take time to install, but they leave you with 100% natural looking beautiful, long hair!


No pun intended- although your hair will gain your sought after gorgeous length & fullness, It does take time. The entire process does depend on how many rows you get installed, and the carefulness of your stylist. Some people get as few as 2 and some people many more that takes up to 8 hours. One thing I can assure you, if you have fine hair spending a day in the chair with me will leave you feeling like a completely new person when you leave.

More than just extensions

If you are considering hair extensions and you have fine hair I would love to meet with you and chat about your desires. The extensions I professionally install will make more of a difference than just your hair, that I can promise you! Selfie count will go up, your friends and family will notice the difference, your outfits and appearance will get a change, and most of all you will have a gorgeous head of long, full bodied hair.

Can you see the bonds?

Smiling girl with hair extensions
Absolutely invisible bonds with Great Lengths extensions.

This is on of the most common questions I get with almost every single client asking to get hair extensions. Don’t worry, it is perfectly normal to ask this. Everyone wants to know the nitty gritty when it comes to applying hair extensions. The process in which I apply hair extensions will leave you with hair that looks 100% natural, not 98% or 99%. You will be able to part your hair on the top of your head, pull your hair back and off of your face, put it in a pony tail or up do and also not to see the extensions. The extensions will be invisible and transform your look. I am Certified by Great Lengths and specialize in extensions in Victoria BC. I would love to meet with you and discuss your hair needs.

The short Youtube video on my channel expresses my thoughts on hair extensions for fine hair.

If you are considering getting hair extensions or any service by me feel free to reach out! You can book a consultation with me online, call me, or even send me an email. You can get in touch with me via the online booking form or the contact page on my website.


Have a great hair day! xoxo

Spring Newsletter Feature with Great Lengths Canada

Spring Newsletter Feature with Great Lengths Canada

Spring Newsletter Feature with Great Lengths Canada

I had the pleasure of completing an interview with Great Lengths for their Spring 2017 newsletter, check it out! 🙂

great lengths canada news letter featuring sofia pastro

Sofia  has been in the beauty industry for eight years. She currently rents a chair at DM and Company Salon in downtown Victoria, while running her blog and Youtube Channel, Life of Hair. Her videos give tips, tricks and knowledge about hair, and often Great Lengths!


I was inspired to become a Great Lengths artist after I had taken a course in Toronto called, Inspiring Champions. They discussed the hair industry and broke down the di erent categories of stylists and what you could achieve with your career. Great Lengths was a perfect vehicle for me to ful ll my goals to become a specialized stylist.


When I rst trained with Great Lengths, I expected to get hands-on quali cation and that’s exactly what I received. This has allowed me the opportunity to o er a luxury service to my clients for all their hair needs, and grow my business at the same time.

I have Great Lengths in my
own hair and I love the way they make me feel! I choose to shave two-thirds of my hair o for a very edgy look, but still love having the length and fullness on top for exibility in styling.-TELL US ABOUT YOUR BLOG AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL.I have a Youtube Channel and blog, Life of Hair, where I o er hair education and inspiration. I rst started the channel when I had a client sit in my chair and tell me that they loved the way I styled their hair, but they couldn’t achieve the same results at home. I rst took this as a compliment, but over time, came to undertand that it is in my best interest to help educate my clients on styling. If they know how to style their own hair, they feel more con dent and therefore, tell more people about me, and my business grows as a result. It’s a Win-Win! YouTube was the best platform for me to educate, because my clients could watch the videos whenever they were in need and had access 24/7. Some of my videos are direct questions clients have asked me and others are for marketing purposes when I want to promote a speci c service or product.-WHAT STRENGTHS DO YOU FEEL HELP YOU AS A BLOGGER?One of my strengths that has helped me is my tenacity. I will continue to work on something until I see improvement solely out of stubbornness!-WHAT INSPIRES YOU?I always look to my clients for inspiration!

Hairstyling has de nitely allowed me to be more con dent. One of the things I love most about the hair industry is, it encourages uniqueness. I work side by side with some of the most talented hairstylists in my city and we are all extremely di erent from each other. When I was younger, I felt uncomfortable because I was always trying to t in. Now, I have the privilege of expressing myself in whatever way I see t and I am accepted and even praised for it.
I manage my time with a erce schedule. Even going so far as to plan date nights with my husband or I don’t see him. I also outsource what I can, like optimizing the SEO’s for my blog posts; I have no interest or skill so I would rather pay someone else to do it and focus on what I do well. I am motivated by my dreams and aspirations, but sometimes it’s hard in the daily grind of it all.
Only if they have an overall strategy of where they want to go and what they want to achieve. It’s a lot of work, and only reaps rewards if you are consistent.
Moving into summer, I see the big trend being a lot of fashion shades. I am seeing more and more requests from clients for these bold colours, whether it be all over or just a pop of colour for a hint of fun!
My goals moving forward are:

to keep competing in hair shows and staying abreast of current fashion, to continue educating and inspiring my clients and to grow my in uence in a positive and impactful way. As a Great Lengths Extensions Artist, I have the chance to give people the hair they have always wanted. I believe in enhancing the beauty that we hold in ourselves, and all the uniqueness that comes with that.

How to sleep with hair extensions

How to sleep with hair extensions

How do you sleep with hair extensions?

Women sleeping on her stomach with hair extensions on white pillow
A couple quick tips and you’ll wake up with better hair then when you went to sleep… Ok, maybe not that great, but be sure to follow these tips if you plan to sleep with hair extensions! 🙂

If you have been wondering about getting hair extensions, have hair extensions, or generally just want to expand your knowledge – You should follow these essential tips before you sleep with hair extensions.

How To Wear Your Hair Extensions At Night

Girl preparing for sleeping with hair extensions by using a wide toothed comb
Brushing your hair 2-3 times a day is the first step. Brushing before bed is the final and most important! Whether you use a braid, bun or pony tail to sleep with always brush first!

If you have Great Lengths Hair extensions they will remain bonded for 3-5 months. An effective routine before you sleep will help increase the health and longevity of your extensions. Make sure you start with brushing your hair right before bed. You should be already brushing your Great Lengths Hair extensions 2-3 times per day throughout the day to ensure tangles and knots remain at a minimum.

Once you fall asleep its pretty hard to control if you will roll over, move, or even get a face full of drool from your partner. There’s a few ways you can secure your extensions in a way that will minimize tangling and tears without taking too much time. A loose bun is one of my favourite ways if your hair extensions aren’t too long, and if you have longer extensions a braid does the trick really well. Don’t forget to brush all of the tangles out before you put them in a bun!

How To Wear Long Hair Extensions At Night

a girl with hair laid out to sleep with hair extensions.
If humans slept in a comatose state and never moved… This would be ideal. However, we don’t, don’t try this method.

If you have very long hair extensions like Rapunzel, the best method to keeping them safe is to put them in a braid. My first recommendation would be to secure them in a side braid. This is also a lot more comfortable to sleep on if you are a back-sleeper and its also super easy to take apart in the morning! If you have furry friends that like to join you for your morning routine of waking up a braid is also probably the safest for the ordeal! You won’t have to worry as much about ripping your extensions out in a braid either, the strength of the braid will hold everything in place nicely.

Ok the side braid is also a favourite of mine, not just to keep your extensions safe, but for those early mornings in the kitchen or early morning errands before getting ready. A side braid is a easy style to pair with some comfy clothes and you won’t catch yourself holding your hair back as much when you’re leaning over the stove making breakfast.

girl with a messy side braid after a sleep with hair extensions
A perfect morning lazy look for those Starbucks runs or cooking breakfast!

If short hair extensions are your current style a long, loose, easy braid isn’t always easy. If short hair extensions are what you currently have I would suggest a side pony tail or a loose bun. A pony tail actually will benefit you greatly by reducing the tangles you might have otherwise woken up with. A pony tail thats not too tight will also increase the strength of your hair while sleeping. If your hair isn’t too thick you can also fold your ponytail under itself. Folding your pony tail will help with reducing tangles in the morning.

NEVER Sleep With Hair Extensions Wet

One of the most important rules before you sleep with hair extensions is; never sleep with your hair wet. Damp or wet hair before bed is a nightmare and can cause severe tangles, knots, and the worst: matting. If your extensions and hair are not 100% dry then ensure that you are blow drying them before bed. Follow up your blow drying by a very thorough brushing. Brushing your hair extensions and ensuring they are completely dry is the most important thing you can do before bed.

I hope you guys got a little bit of inspiration from this article and your extensions live long and prosper. You can check out the youtube video I did on this segment below!

Xo- Have a great hair day!

How to Wash your Hair Extensions

How to Wash your Hair Extensions

How to Wash your Hair Extensions

Girl washing her hair extensions in the shower
Washing hair extensions require a few small different techniques to ensure they stay healthy and last as long as possible

First of all there are a few things to consider if you have just recently had hair extensions installed. Im going to run you through a few steps that will help you care for your extensions, or inform you better if you are considering purchasing Great Lengths extensions!

1.)  Do not shampoo for two days after your Great Lengths application! This is important to allow proper bonding of the extensions.

2.) Great Lengths also recommends that you return to your certified Great Lengths extension specialist approximately two weeks after your application. This follow-up visit allows your extension specialist to inspect the bonds to ensure that your Great Lengths application result is performing as expected.

3.) When shampooing, always wash your hair with your head tilted back, not forward. Never dry with a scrubbing action, instead wrap a towel to absorb the excess moisture. Great Lengths recommends that the attachment sites be dried with a blow dryer to prevent the bonds from remaining wet for an extended period of time if you are air drying your hair.


Cleaning your Great Lengths hair

a girl working conditioner through her wet hair after a shower

To cleanse your hair extensions, gently massage shampoo into the root area with soft smooth motions – don’t be afraid, it is important that your scalp and bonds are cleaned thoroughly. While washing your hair in the shower, it is best to tilt your head with the flow of the water as this helps avoid knotting. Rinse and repeat your shampoo treatment when you wash your hair extensions, and if you’re a regular swimmer or sweat a lot in the gym be sure to rinse or wash your hair every time you exercise.

Conditioning your soft extensions

girl combing out conditioner with a wide toothed comb
Gently combing conditioner through your hair is a great way to ensure it is evenly distributed.

As your pre-bonded hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, it is also important to use a conditioner to keep them looking silky and smooth. Because they are not attached to your scalp like normal hair, they do not have a steady supply of healthy oils and nutrients. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, so make sure you take care of your hair to ensure your extensions last as long as possible. When applying conditioner lightly combing it through your hair with a wide toothed comb is also a safe practice.

Drying your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions being dried with the blotting technique
The blotting technique is must easier on your hair, it reduces possible damage and knots.

Once you have perfectly shampooed and conditioned your hair it is time to dry your beautiful hair extensions. Traditionally the best method to practice is blotting your hair with a towel. This is the safest and softest method to practice and ensures the least amount of pulling on your bonds.. Avoid rubbing the hair with your towel directly on your scalp, as this will cause knots and damage to your bonds. Don’t forget to keep your drying motions gentle.

Remove any tangles gently

Sofia Pastro combing her hair with a wide toothed comb
Wide tooth combs are my first choice when removing tangles and knots after showering.

I recommend that once your hair is dried use a wide toothed comb or flat brush to remove tangles. Always start at the bottom working your way towards the scalp. 

To keep your locks healthy, you should dry your hair fully with a blow dryer after you have blotted it. If you are short on time, make sure you at least dry the area with your bonds. 

Thats all you need to know about proper cleaning care for your Great Lengths Hair Extensions! If you have not already booked a consultation with me be sure to do so, they are always free. I would love to hear about what you would like to do with your hair.

Xo – have a great hair day!

Here is the quick youtube video i did on this blog post as well! 🙂

The source of Great Lengths extensions

The source of Great Lengths extensions

 Where do Great Lengths extensions’ hair come from?

Girls hair being cut during Tirumala for Great Lengths extensions
Pictured above is a girls hair being cut at “Tirumala” in India. Great Lengths ensures that the hair being used for extensions is traceable and always ethical.

Where does Great Lengths extensions hair come from? If you are considering hair extensions or are even just wanting to educate yourself on the industry you can be rest assured their process and ethicality will be delightful to read about. With a very strict policy on the origin of their extensions, Great Lengths ensures the highest quality and traceability. They are unique within the extension industry providing 100% real human hair that is guaranteed to originate from ethical and traceable origins directly sourced by themselves.


Tonsuring and the religious process of cutting hair


Imagine if your hair came all the way from India. What if it not only came from India but came from a religious process that ensures the traceability, and verified its quality to be superior to any other supplier. Great Lengths extensions hair comes from the Hindu Temple, Tirumala. Tonsuring is the process in which Men, Women, and children make a trek to the temple to have their heads shaved. This act is 100% voluntary and in no way encouraged for financial gain. It is actually a celebration of joy and is often commenced after major positive life events. Think of tonsuring as a party… Only everyone shaves their heads.

Although the hair donors to not receive money directly for their hair, Great Lengths employs a full time team in India to pay it forward. All of the proceeds associated with purchasing the hair is invested back in the local community in which the hair was sourced from. Can you think of anything cooler? You are literally doing charity work in another country when you buy Great Lengths extensions! Hospitals, aid, emergency response and infrastructure are just some of the ways Great Lengths gives back to the community.

Why all the way from India?

crowded people on train in india
Great Lengths invests back into the communities in India. Not just aid with the bare essentials but also invests in infrastructure that the country needs for vital, everyday operations.

Although it is a pretty cool story to tell someone your hair extensions are also helping fundemental needs in another country, why India? Depending on the ethnicity of the hair, there are major genetic differences that need to be considered. Indian hair is considered to be ideal by Great Lengths for our north american needs. Science says: cuticle direction is extremely important and if all the layers are aligned from root to tips your hair is less likely to tangle. When you are blending in extensions with your own hair you want a even, un-noticable blend. This fine attention to detail at the microscopic level ensures that your extensions will blend in perfectly and behave in unison.


Why not European hair? Their models always have amazing hair!

German model showing hair that wouldn't work for great lengths extensions
We all known Heidi Klum has amazing hair, but if you tried to steal it and mix it with yours, it probably wouldnt turn out ideal.


European hair is actually not as easy to find as you would think. If you do find Euro hair extensions you won’t find nearly as much available as Indian hair. It is very fine, thin, and suseptable to damage from treatments. European hair can be damaged very quickly from chemical treatments due to their genetic shape and make-up. If you found a gorgeous German model willing to cut off all of her hair for your extensions… Well, good luck!


So why not Chinese Hair for Great Lengths extensions?

Chinese model showing off her long dark hair.
Although Chinese hair is gorgeous the genetic make-up of it is noticeably different. Mixing Chinese hair with your hair will result in a texture noticeably too diverse.

Chinese hair is actually very diverse in its structure and texture. It is not equally as consistent as the hair harvested from Tirumala and the Indian people. Unlike Indian hair, Chinese hair has a more sporadic construction of the cuticle and cortex. Asian hair, although sporadic, often has a rounded cross-section rather than the much sought after oval shape of caucasian hair. The round cross-section of the cuticle and cortex is too rough and too coarse to be used for great lengths extensions.


To watch the video I did on this topic check out my YouTube channel! 🙂

Have a great hair day! x0

The best hair extensions in Victoria

The best hair extensions in Victoria

Hair extensions Victoria – from a certified extension specialist

Model wearing Great Lengths hair extensions in Victoria bc
Great Lengths Extensions model seen wearing their extensions.

Hair extensions Victoria! If that is what you are looking for, then look no more. Hello, my name is Sofia Pastro, owner and operator of Life of Hair. I have worked extensively with what I believe to be the best hair extensions on the market today. I am certified by Great Lengths Canada to expertly install their bundles of hair. If you are looking for hair extensions in Victoria I hope you found your next stylist. It would be my pleasure to meet with you and discuss your hair needs and any questions you may have.

How long does your hair have to be?

Model walking by ocean with great lengths hair extensions, Victoria BC
Ever had questions about hair extensions Victoria?  Even worse.. can’t get a straight answer?

I recently published a youtube video reviewing this very question and a few others! You can find it here. The quick truth is; your hair has to be anywhere from 4-6 inches at a minimum. If you have had salons and hair stylist in Victoria telling you otherwise don’t hesitate to come to see me for a free consultation. I have been trained and certified by Great lengths Canada themselves and I would be happy to show you pictures of previous clients that have had me install their extensions! Also, I will explain the entire process and go over absolutely any questions you have.

Why choose Life of Hair for your hair extensions Victoria?

White dress model wearing great lengths hair extensions victoria on parliament steps
My promise to you is to be a stylist delivering the best hair extensions in Victoria.

The most honest answer I can give you is: I truly care that you get the best service possible in Victoria. Furthermore, My business was founded upon the principle that I want my clients to better understand the life of hair. I want my clients to understand the entire process from step one to looking in the mirror that last time. Furthermore, If you have heard about Great Lengths and you are curious to get a little but more of an in-depth understanding of them book a consultation with me online. I give free consultations with clients during my work day and explain every detail of Great Lengths Hair extensions and their features. Finally, In my opinion they truly are the best extensions on the market. In addition to having a wonderful working relationship with the company, I can’t wait to work with you!