Protection Couleur Shampoo Crystal .07

$ 36.00

How to use:

Even distribute Protection Couleur Shampoo Crystal .07 into your hair and on the scalp. Lather with a little water, lightly massage the scalp and carefully knead the hair with the fingers. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

The shampoo doesn’t stain the skin and can easily be used under the shower!


The fascination with platinum blonde! – Blondes know that blonde is not just a hair colour, but also a lifestyle. But just like the people with this hair colour, blonde hair needs special care. That is why Protection Couleur Shampoo Crystal .07 particularly gently cleanses and conditions cool blonde hair and gives your blonde mane a silvery shimmer.

The shampoo for cool blonde hair restores the sensitive moisture balance as soon as you begin washing. The cuticle is sealed and the sensitive hair is thus effectively protected against loss of reflexes.

The highly effective colour protection complex integrated in Shampoo Crystal .07 is pioneering: The free radicals in the hair that are caused by UV radiation are deactivated so that colour pigments remain in the hair for much longer. The result: up to 73% higher colour stability after 15 washes. A conditioning polymer creates a protective layer around the hair and wards off damaging environmental influences. Special colour pigments in the shampoo invigorate and maintain the crystal blonde colour reflex while you wash, neutralise undesirable yellowish golden reflexes, even in naturally grey hair, and result in lastingly beautiful colour and brilliance. Silky blonde hair shines in the most elegant shade of silver blonde and features seductively radiant vibrance – lastingly.

Sofia’s Thoughts:

Dream team for fighting that unwanted yellow.


Main Ingredients

  • Sunflower extract: strengthens the resistance
  • Panthenol: provides volume and shine
  • Basic surfactant on the basis of coconut oil: gently cleanses
  • Directly penetrating Crystal dyes: refresh cool silvery reflexes