Bridal Hair Package Template

$ 147.00

Would you like a professional way to deliver your information and prices to your potential bridal customers, but are not sure of where to start or even what technology to use?

This package product provides you with a bridal hair template.- All you will need is:
  • 8 photos of work that you’ve done with brides. (5 final photos for your template)
  • 4 people/businesses that you will/can recommend for wedding services. i.e.: photographers, makeup artists, wedding planners etc.
  • For those of you wanting a little more information on what this package can do for you there is an informational video I have uploaded on my youtube channel that can help harness your creativity to improve your own bridal package with 5 great tips! Watch it here>>


In my Bridal package template you will receive:

1. A twelve page document that perfectly flows and sets the standard of the professional service that you provide. 
2. Breakdown of the specific prices of the bridal package as well as costs to the rest of the wedding party. 
3. Customizable colour schemes that will fit with your branding. 
4. Schedule Template for educating the Bride and her party with what happens when. 
5. Bridal images that are free to use already in the template, if you do not have images of your own.
6. Copy that is professional and can be left as is or customized to your personality or brand. 
7. Page layout of where you are willing to travel to as well as breakdown of cost. 
8. Reference and recommendations page of other service providers. 
9. Thanking the bride for the opportunity to present your services for consideration.
10. Step by step video tutorials that will walk you through setting up your own bridal template.