Cutting your Mom hair

Cutting your Mom hair

Girl with bad hair day looking upwards
If you are a new mother and haven’t felt this exact feeling about your hair at one point or another.. I don’t believe you.

Especially those who are new mothers

You may be spending sleepless nights, and mirror stares in the mornings thinking: “This long hair has just GOT to go!” Although it only takes 5 seconds to snip it all off you might not have thought of every angle involved with short hair. The confidence and new style options that short hair brings might excite you, but you should consider these points first!


Ask yourself why you want it. Short.

Donald trump having a bad hair day that looks like corn
Ok, your hair obviously won’t turn out like this. But I thought this was a corny way of proving a point.

OK, not that short and wild, lets be honest with ourselves.

However, making a drastic style switch post-major life changing event, (New child in your life) is not uncommon, but you may regret it. Although hair can give you very fast gratification by the swift cut of a pair of scissors, the feeling may not last. If you are seeking a dramatic chop and your motivation includes being fed up with your long-hair, or simply wanting to try something new then maybe its right for you. If you are in an emotional state and looking to cut your hair so other areas of your life get a boost in time or freedom, like less hassle in the mornings, it may not be right for you.

Consider your texture.

teenage girl laying on white backdrop with hair spread out
Your long beautiful hair’s texture plays a big part in deciding just how short to cut it if you are going to go for the chop!

Everyone at one point has seen a celebrity with what they think is perfect hair. Although many hairstyles are possible with the right styling and product, not everyones hair is the same. Coarse hair can behave completely different than thin hair in short styles. Depending on what you are looking to do to your hair, if you chop it all off, standing in front of the mirror for hours perfecting your hair might really, really suck. Remember those days when you just tossed your hair in a bun and put a little lipstick on?


Figure out your face shape.

Ok, the days of everyone wearing the same hairstyles every day to fit into a style trend are gone. Your face, head, neck, and jawline all affect what style and length will look best on you. Not only does  the shape of your face make a difference to how you will look best in a certain style, but you may also find yourself changing your wardrobe slightly to accommodate your new style. Many moms want a hair length that they can style their hair differently depending on the occasion. Short hair might limit this.


Look at your schedule.

middle aged women at desk with post it notes stuck to her face
This syndrome is real. finding time to do things, especially your hair isn’t easy. First world problems.

Nothing can spend time like a lady doing her hair

The time spent styling your new hair is also one of the most important things to consider. If you are giving yourself a buzz cut this argument may be invalid. The truth is when you newly cut your hair the next morning you will probably spend a significant amount of time in front of the mirror trying to mimic the look your stylist gave you. Every day thereafter as well you will spend time trying to make your new hair look great. Consider the fact bedhead that tells your new hair what to do every day will give you a challenge that you are not used to. When you lose the weight of long hair pulling on your roots you lose the effect of gravity. Your roots will now go in whatever direction they feel like while you sleep.

I hope all these points got your mind thinking a little bit more and hopefully helped you consider some things you haven’t already about your next big hair decision.

Have a great hair day, xo


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